Ayodele is the gifted Bay Area, California artist, designer, and visionary behind DUAFE Designs, Unlimited LLC, who specializes in one-of-a-kind waist beads, natural shell jewelry, and eclectic handbags. Ayodele is a self-taught artist who was groomed by a host of mothers on a mission to positively advance their daughter’s horizons, aka “Sisters of Tomorrow,” a rites of passage program for girls. Her business sense and savvy was further molded while studying Business Management at Howard University. With a keen eye and talent for design, she finds joy creating wearable art that transforms the everyday woman into a Queen, and aims to design pieces that heal, encourage, honor, and beautify the mind, body, and spirit. DUAFE is a Ghanaian Andinkra symbol depicting a wooden comb, which symbolizes the essence of the woman, inclusive of patience, fondness, love, and care. These are the principles Ayodele aligns with her work. Ayodele creates stand out pieces that are innovative, modern and ethnically-inspired, using influences she gathers from people and nature. Noted for being a perfectionist and extremely meticulous, Ayodele chooses quality materials, textiles, and finishes that set DUAFE products a part from the rest. Use of each bead, fabric, and findings are limited, making DUAFE collections original, unique, and diverse. Ayodele attributes her success to her experiences growing up in “Nairobi,” California, with a myriad of powerful mentors who empowered her with the skills, compassion, and tools to be an effective leader. Thus, she is committed to supporting the advancement of disadvantaged youth of color and women/girls suffering mental and/or physical abuse. With every purchase, you play an integral part in Duafe’s collaborative efforts with schools and charities in support of children and young adults in need of a helping heart and hand. As an entrepreneur, artist, activist, teacher, mentor, sister, daughter, wife, and mother, she is thankful for the support of her global community. Peace & Blessings